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Krypton - Cyber Security Enthusiast

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Country: 🇨🇭 Switzerland
Email: [email protected]
GitHub: kkrypt0nn

Career Objectives

Currently a full-time intern at Compass Security as a software engineer for one year to finish my current education; I am unsure about my future career choices or paths. My main objective as of right is to finish my one year internship to finish my education and then proceed doing my military service.

I will start my military service in the Swiss Armed Forces in July 2023 and will be done with it in April 2024. My currently designated function is a strategic radio scout, which I'm happy about. Though when starting my service I will pass a test to become a cyber solider. Getting a federal diploma in cyber security at the end of this service would be a great bonus to seek for a job in the cyber security industry.

Technical Skills and Interests

Cyber Security

Insomni'hack: Conference & CTF, 2022
36C3: Conference, 2019
35C3: Conference, 2018
Insomni'hack: Conference, 2017

Interests: Reverse Engineering, Network Sniffing & Spoofing, Password Attacks & Information Gathering


Go: TUIs, Fiber, Discord Bots & Small Libraries
TypeScript: React & Angular
Python: Discord Bots & Scripting
Java: TUIs, JavaFX & Swing - For school only


Actively using GitHub, Docker and Linear for my projects.


My main projects are listed on the here at the bottom. For more smaller projects or to get more insight about my projects, please visit my GitHub profile.

Work Experience

Intern Software Engineer, 2022-2023

Currently a full-time intern for one year to finish my current education at Compass Security as a software engineer. I am working on the Hacking-Lab CTF platform and some other smaller things.

Cyber Security Training, 2021-Present

Pre-service cyber security training at the Swiss Armed Forces. Themes varies from Linux Fundamentals to Reverse Engineering to Penetration Testing. Actively writing Markdown notes during the entierty of the training, which are private but might be published in the future.

Software Engineer Internship, Three weeks in 2021

Three-week internship as a software engineer at Abacus Research AG. Learned things we haven't learned at school in Java, such as:

  • Using IntelliJ's debugger
  • Using generics
  • Using lambda expressions
  • Functional programming with streams

Just for Fun

Freeriding: Passionate about it, trying to improve every day I can to perform even better than the day before. Skiing since I'm around 3 years old.
Shooting: Started shooting in 2018 and I consider myself pretty good at it. I'm currently shooting 300 meters with the assault rifle used by the Swiss Armed Forces, the SIG 550 and have around 20+ wreath medals.
Reverse Engineering: I love reverse engineering, yes it can be possible, I'm not a pro at it but I'm getting better every day and trying to improve more and more.
Programming: I'm a self-taught programmer and I'm always trying to learn new things. I'm currently learning Go and TypeScript.